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Thyroid Cancer Canada informs, supports and empowers a community of those impacted by thyroid cancer.

Thyroid Cancer Canada is a National Organization of Thyroid Cancer Survivors dedicated to providing Emotional Support and Information to those affected by the Disease.

Thyroid cancer is treated differently from other cancers. Even though they have cancer, thyroid cancer patients are not often treated in cancer centers, and do not have access to the same psychological and emotional support as other cancer patients. Our programming provides them with much-needed peer support, hope and encouragement.




Share Your Story

Whatever your story, new patients and those who are struggling with thyroid cancer will appreciate your insights and your experience.

Everyone who had to deal thyroid cancer has a story to tell. It may be difficult, may have many twists and turns, or it may be something that just came and went without too much fuss. Like the Stories of Strength in our Patient Support section – that's where your story will be posted – accessible to those who are looking for answers, encouragement or inspiration.

We thank you for sharing your story. Stories are subject to editing and review. All pertinent stories will be published as soon as possible.

Share your Story....


Easy and delicious Low Iodine Diet Event by Norene Gilletz

Where: TCC - 308 Main Street, Toronto, M4C 4X7

Date: Wednesday December 6 2017

Time: 7 - 9 pm

Come join us to hear Norene Gilletz who will be talking on the Low Iodine Diet. Learn how to shop, how to adapt recipes as well as share some of her own easy and delicious LID recipes.

Check out the LID cookbook are on her website at

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