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We think we’re doing the right thing when we get positive feedback from thyroid cancer patients who have been through the experience of diagnosis, treatment and recovery. If you think there’s anything more we can do or should be doing, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We believe in helping each other, and those who are just beginning or in the midst of dealing with thyroid cancer.

Comments made about TCC on Facebook

Thyroid Cancer Canada was there for support and still is! Thank You.

St. John's, NB

Thyroid Cancer Canada promptly answered a question I had on a food while following the Low Iodine Diet. I was amazed at the comprehensive response and support I received from TCC.

Niagara Falls, ON

TCC has been the main support and information source throughout diagnosis and treatment. They answer every question and don't ever say that our concerns are "nothing". They were amazing with info regarding RAI and the low iodine diet, with amazing recipes and a true list of what we can and can't have to make our treatment more successful. Thank you for all you do for all of us.

Edmonton, AB

TCC was there for me in ways that nobody else could be during the scariest and darkest of times. I will be forever thankful to TCC for kindly and patiently taking my first worried phone calls and giving me the kind of support and information that no doctor could (or even tried to). I am forever thankful to the whole TCC support team and all the other TCCers on the forum who listened to me, helped answer many questions and gave me back a sense of control when I felt beyond out of it. I am forever grateful.

Toronto, ON

I tried to find information on the internet, or a web support group, SOMEONE who could help me figure out what was next for me post-diagnosis... what to expect on my cancer "journey". There was so little information out there it was astounding, and I was scared and alone. Thyroid Cancer Canada was my lifeline to resources, information, real-life stories and actual understanding (read: validation). It helped me through my fear of the unknown, and helped me know what to expect with very practical and timely information. THANK YOU!!

Toronto, ON

I am eternally grateful for TCC. I came to the Online Forum after I got a call from my endo saying that my nodule was 'not exactly benign' and then had to wait over a weekend and a day to find out what that meant. This forum has given me endless support and resources; I was provided encouragement and advice as to what questions I should be asking and really felt as though I was going into this educated and not blindfolded. Through my experience I found that the specialists were just that, specialists in their field but not necessarily up to date in other aspects of my treatment. The information I received from the Forum helped me to advocate for my own health.  It has been a life changing experience and I am truly grateful for everyone who has helped and continues to help me on my journey. It is a voice of calm when I feel I'm in a sea of uncertainty. Thank you.

Ottawa, ON

I came to Thyroid Cancer Canada right after I found out that I have a cancer. I found a lot of valuable, not only medical information, but also advice and support from wonderful people. Because of that I was more optimistic for the treatment that I’ve had to face in the near upcoming and also a better prepared for the appointments with specialists, where a few times he or she said ”…ohthis is important, thanks for reminding me about this…”. So it is delightful to know that there is a place that I can always find support and never be left without such. Thanks from a bottom of my heart.

Cambridge, ON  

Comments made on TCC's Online Forum

Five years ago today, my world fell apart. We got the news from the surgeon that I had thyroid cancer that had spread. It's been quite a journey, but I must say that the journey has been made a whole lot easier by and this forum. The support is amazing in every way possible. Thank you to the members who have replied to my posts and answered my many questions! It has helped and continues to help both my husband and I so much!

Calgary, AB

This forum has literally been a lifesaver for me. I live overseas, and don't qualify for Canadian medical care anymore, so had to do all my treatment where I am. The forum has provided me with invaluable information to allow me to make the best decisions for my care and treatment. Currently going on 2 years with no recurrence! 


I had thyroid issues for many years when suddenly at a routine thyroid check my endocrinologist thought one of my nodules was getting bigger. Long story short I was given a diagnosis of thyroid cancer! I really thought I was going to die! Thanks to Thyroid Cancer Canada I learned the truth and my fears have been greatly reduced. One of the best cancer support sites there is!! Thank you!

Bowmanville, ON

I will be forever grateful to this forum. Many times I have come to the Online Forum, often consumed with worry, for support, information and encouragement. I am now in the fourth year of my journey with thyroid cancer and even after two surgeries, ongoing tests and treatments, I always know that my questions and fears will be addressed here with wisdom and care. Even now, when facing rising Tg and metastasis, I am so grateful to everyone here for their courage in sharing their stories, as it floods me with hope and strength. Thank you!

Toronto, ON

Just thinking about TCC and how it helps. I think when some of us deal with doctors who minimize the side effects of medication, RAI, and just having thyroid cancer, the TCC website and Online Forum help us to know we are not imagining but that what we experience is real and valid. It has validated different issues for me. And when I send private online forum emails – thanks for the support. TCC is also an opportunity for us to support and encourage one another. That is essential in life! Thanks TCC!

Calgary, AB

It has been three years since my thyroid cancer surgery and without the help of the Online Forum and all the information and support I have found there, I'm not sure I would have made it through a scary and difficult time of my life as well as I have.

Isaacs Harbour, NS

TCC has been such a support in providing me with the information to ask the right questions to my doctors to enable me to more fully participate in my medical care. Thank you!

Toronto, ON

Thyroid Cancer Canada has been an invaluable resource for me. My endocrinologist provided me with the TCC brochures and suggested I use it and the website for more information. I have been using the online forum for nearly 2.5 years and has helped me become a well informed patient that can take my healthcare into my own hands. It has also been valuable for emotional support during a difficult time.

Mississauga, ON

Wish I would of had Thyroid Cancer Canada's resources when I started my journey with thyroid cancer 16 years ago. TCC provides good information and great moral and mental support for all types of thyroid cancer patients and their families.

Calgary, AB

I cannot sing enough praises about Thyroid Cancer Canada and the amount of support that this organization and its volunteers have provided to me this past 15 months. Finally had total thyroidectomy to remove 4.5 cm growth early January 2013 after 15 months of non-diagnostic FNA's (since November 2011) and still awaiting confirmation of pathology 4 weeks post-op.

Emotionally I could not have made it through this journey without the support of this organization. I live in Brockville Ontario and I have found the resources known to GP's in this area are limited. I work in healthcare and yet I have found navigating this system incredibly difficult. The otolaryngologists in eastern Ontario have extensive wait times which only adds to patient's anxiety and the level of care they are receiving in a timely fashion. There needs to start to be a wait time strategy that identifies the true wait for patients to receive care which should reflect wait time from when referral is actually sent from primary care to a specialists, not from the time you are finally seen by a specialist and put on their surgical wait list.  From my personal experience and journey through this I feel a lot more research is needed in having more definitive diagnostic tools for biopsy of this type of cancer.

I feel strongly that we need to advocate for more patient education and awareness around thyroid cancer. This organization is an EXCELLENT provider of this service with providing accurate and informative information to patients. Thank you Thyroid Cancer Canada for being there!

Brockville, ON

Written comments, or notes accompanied with a donation

My wife was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in February of 2012. Your website and resources really helped in our reaction to the diagnosis.

Ottawa, ON

Almost three years on I am still benefiting from your wonderful charity and will always be grateful for the information and support you provided when I was going through my diagnosis/treatment (and still now!). Many Thanks.

Montreal, QC

I am a thyroid cancer survivor and this year instead of exchanging gifts my family and I are making a contribution to TCC. This has clearly hit home for us and we believe – more than ever – in giving back.

Milton, ON

Thank you so much for providing a forum for us. The information has helped me immeasurably; I feel validated.

Heidelberg, ON

Keep on with your efforts! As a thyroid cancer survivor myself, I really appreciated your books!

Elmira, ON  

Just glad I found your site. Had a thyroidectomy on 31 October 2011 and have been going through the healing process of my psyche. Did not anticipate the emotional swings, despair, and other feelings associated with the removal of my thyroid and radiation effects. Yours is the first supportive site I have found. Thank you.

Salt Lake, UT

Hi, I have been fortunate enough to be able to donate time to some charities that have impacted my life or that of my family. For the past 4 years I have chaired the Oakville Hospital`s Father`s Day Run and I have been a member of the Oakville Hospital`s Gala committee for over 10 years. Which now leads me to your organization.

A few years ago I discovered a lump in my neck which turned out to be a 4 cm tumour. When you get news like that you become educated quickly. I was very fortunate, after my thyroidectomy I received that wonderful news that the tumour was benign. My need to understand and now more about thyroid cancers led to me many text books and websites.

My inquisitive nature served me well a few years later when I noticed a large bump on my brother in laws neck I knew he had to be seen. With much encouragement he finally went to the doctors. Long story short, his news and prognosis wasn’t as positive as he not only had cancer but he had a rare form – hurthle cell carcinoma. Later we found out that 2 more of my in-laws also were found to have hurthle cell carcinoma (a third is being scheduled for surgery). My son was just doing a research project on thyroid cancer and he found your website. I wish I had found it 6 years ago, you have some great information and it is nice to see a support link too.

I live in the GTA - Oakville. If you have any events or conferences that require volunteers please feel free to give me a call. I would love to help.

Oakville, ON

This site has been a huge help to me since my diagnosis, and I thank everyone involved for their hard work and comforting words!

Edmonton, AB

I just wanted to say Thyroid Cancer Canada has provided me with a ton of support. They have always been so helpful and knowledgeable in answering all of questions especially through phone conversations. There is not any support in my city. So without the Online Forum I am not sure what I would have done. Thank you all so much!

Winnipeg, MB