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How your donation helps patients

Receiving a thyroid cancer diagnosis can be a frightening and overwhelming experience. Thyroid Cancer Canada supports patients and their families as they learn about thyroid cancer.

Information and Support: We provide resources and support to help patients cope with diagnosis, treatment and living with thyroid cancer. We answer questions by email and phone, we share the latest information about thyroid cancer through social media and our website, and we distribute thousands of publications annually – a service that is free to everyone.

Public Awareness and Advocacy:  We raise awareness of the need to better understand why thyroid cancer is on the rise, and how it can be prevented and treated. We also advocate on behalf of patients for the support, empathy and care that is needed during their cancer journey.

Honour a loved one with a gift that means a little bit more

  • Honour a loved one, or honour someone who has made a difference in your life. Let them know how important they are, by making a donation in their name.
  • Recognize a milestone, a cancerversary, birthday, wedding, graduation, or anniversary with a gift that has impact.
  • In honouring another, you make a lasting investment in Thyroid Cancer Canada and our ability to support patients and families during their cancer journey.

Request a gift with your donation

Butterfly Bracelet (free with a $30 donation): A beautiful handmade beaded bracelet. Each one is uniquely crafted by a volunteer member of TCC, and has a butterfly charm. Request this optional gift when you donate $30 while supplies last.


Butterfly Scarf (free with a $50 donation): A silk-blend scarf. Rectangular in shape; they have a pink background with orange butterflies. A delightful but subtle way to remember the butterfly-shaped thyroid. Request this optional gift when you donate $50 while supplies last.


How to request a butterfly gift

  • Donate directly online or through CanadaHelps and specify your optional gift. If the gift is in honor of someone else, please indicate their name, address, and note that you would like attached to the gift.  
  • Mail a cheque, accompanied by a Donation Form. The form allows for your special requests as well.

You may prefer a more traditional way of giving.

Download and complete the TCC Donation Form and mail it with a credit card authorization, or a cheque to:

Thyroid Cancer Canada
308 Main Street, First Floor
Toronto, Ontario M4C 4X7

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