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Past Fundraisers

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Community Fundraisers

Organizing a fundraiser in your community is a great activity to raise awareness for thyroid cancer, and is a way for your friends, family, and coworkers to show their support for someone who is on a cancer journey. If you have an idea for an event in your community, let us know!

Here are just a few of the fabulous and creative ways that communities have come together for thyroid cancer. 

Marilena's Jump

October 2015


In October 2015, Marilena Mucciarone did a parachute jump in support of Thyroid Cancer Canada! As a thyroid cancer survivor herself she said "The hardest part for me was trying to keep up with daily life. As a thyroid cancer patient, I found that some mornings it was really hard to get out of bed. Knowing that I had to get the kids ready for school and get myself ready for work gave me the push to keep going despite feeling exhausted and often times crying – wondering if I would ever feel like myself again. My kids really helped me get through the tough times.

I wanted to lead by example and show my kids that sometimes life will throw things at you that are out of your control and although it may seem scary, it doesn't mean you should give up.

I felt like someone pulled the carpet from under me... and was struggling to land on my two feet. I wanted to end this chapter of my life on a high note... and on my feet! It felt amazing."

We thank Marilena for her courageous jump which raised $2,400 for Thyroid Cancer Canada!

The Fluttering Fighters Gala

August 2015


The Fluttering Fighters Gala, held at Oasis Convention Centre in Mississauga, August 2015, was organized by Amanda Da Silva and Leanne Goncalco. It was an amazing night of great food and dancing! As someone who was treated for thyroid cancer, Amanda is passionate about raising awareness and giving back. She said "It was time for people to get the facts on thyroid cancer and disease. It's not a "good cancer". It's a growing issue that needs to be addressed and taken seriously. It didn't matter how many obstacles we were faced with, nothing was going to get in the way of executing our gala." 

And what a success it was as Amanda, Leanne and her team raised $ 6,200.

Music Festival


The Firefly Acoustic Music Festival was established to honour Mike Gauthier, who lost his battle to thyroid cancer, Mike was a lover of everything musical and an amazing musician whom inspired anyone he met to learn music and share his love. His good friend Lisa Schoening and her friend Vicki Pyle decided to host a small acoustic concert in the park in his hometown of Millet, to raise awareness of thyroid cancer and raise money in Mike's name. The event took off like crazy, and they had 3 stages going continuously, over 30 performers, dancers, singers, face painting, vendors, song writers and musicians of all type. The event was attended by around 500 spectators and the reaction was amazing, we were able to raise $1300 for thyroid cancer.

Community Walk

May 2014


On May 24, 2014 a walk was held in Wyevale, ON - Wyevale Walk 2 Defeat Thyroid Cancer, in honour and support of Lauren Foote. Lauren is an extraordinary 14 yr old young lady who's struggle with thyroid cancer began In January 2014. Organizer of the event, Tanya Morrow said "Lauren is a strong, courageous young lady who is admired by all in her community." 

Best wishes Lauren and thanks to the local community who raised almost $700 in support of Thyroid Cancer Canada!

Community Yard Sale


Thrift for Thyroids is a community-wide yard sale that brought together friends and neighbours to clean out their homes and cottages. Not only did everyone have fun, but it looks like there were some great finds, and who doesn’t love to de-clutter? Kasha could not have had a successful Thrift for Thyroids event without the donations and generosity of everyone, especially those at the campground Willow Lanes.

Thank-you to Kasha for organizing the event, and to everyone who came out in support!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Fundraiser



In 2013 Shwaan Hutton, 25 went in for a regular doctor's check up after finishing a semester abroad at the University of Western Australia. Much to her, and everyone else's surprise, her doctor discovered a lump, and Schwann was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Through this process Shwaan learned of the high instances of Thyroid cancer in women her age, how little she and her peers knew about thyroid cancer and also the extraordinarily low percentage of funding going towards this particular type of cancer (0.02%). To take action and spread awareness, she hosted an 'Ugly Christmas Sweater' fundraiser at Emma's Back porch in Burlington, ON. The event was a great success as over $ 2,000 was raised for Thyroid Cancer Canada and every attendee left more educated on the subject.



With thanks to six local singer/songwriters Light for the Flight was a great evening of entertainment hosted by Nicole Richard and Christien Paul. Performers included Andrew Austin who was a finalist on Canadian Idol; Mike Celia who has played with Hart House Chamber Strings Orchestra; Mandippal has shared the stage with July Black and been featured on COCA for the last 3 years in a row. Sean Pinchin is a Starbucks coffee house favourite. After Runnymede (Christien Paul) has scored for film and television. Last but not least, Nala won ‘Best Urban’ award at New Music Fest in 2012 and has more recently received top 10 honours in CBCs ‘Expand Your Bandwidth’ contest.

Thanks for a great night and an event that raised $500 for TCC.


Donations In-lieu of Gifts

October 2011


On the occasion of the marriage of Jennifer and Richard Franco (October 15, 2011), they honoured three of Richard's siblings who all had thyroid cancer, by donating a portion of the wedding gifts they received. Jennifer said "Thank you for heading such a wonderful organization that allowed us the opportunity to showcase at our wedding the reality of Thyroid Cancer, but also the wonderful support that exists out there for those affected..." 

Thank you Jennifer & Richard and to all your guests who donated $250.

Bake Sale


Adam Guirguis who works in the Biology Section of the Centre of Forensic Sciences (a department of the Ontario Government) created a small fundraiser with his co-workers. He called it a Daffodil Day Fundraiser, and offered coffee and fresh-baked goods donated by his father's catering business, served during a coffee break in his department. Purchases of the goodies and general donations added up to a total of $481 raised! Adam donated half that total to the CCS and half to Thyroid Cancer Canada. 

Thanks so much Adam!