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Fluttering Fighters Gala, August 21, 2015


The Fluttering Fighters Gala, August 21, 2015, organized by Amanda Da Silva and Leanne Goncalco, was an amazing night of great food and dancing! As someone who was treated for thyroid cancer, Amanda is passionate about raising awareness and giving back. She said "It was time for people to get the facts on thyroid cancer and disease. It's not a "good cancer". It's a growing issue that needs to be addressed and taken seriously. It didn't matter how many obstacles we were faced with, nothing was going to get in the way of executing our gala."

This year, the tradition continues with several fundraising initiatives put together in support of Thyroid Cancer Canada. Amanda said "when Fluttering Fighters host a fundraising event or puts a project together to raise money, the funds raised in small sales go towards creating a larger event such as a gala. 100% of the proceeds go to Thyroid Cancer Canada."

"We may not have a Gala this year, but I may be hosting a dinner or garden party - there will be an event- just working on the logistics."

Three projects on the go right now. A mobile Easter Bake Sale, 3 new products of jewellery (butterfly bracelets and necklace) and thank you cards. All of these proceeds are in support of TCC.


Order a bracelet from Fluttering Fighters! Just one of many ways to get involved with their initiatives.

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