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Receiving a thyroid cancer diagnosis can be frightening - but we're here to help! 


Patient Support – Books

Books about Thyroid Cancer

Here's a list of books – about thyroid cancer in general, patients' memoirs, tips on diet and other supporting literature.

Books about thyroid cancer in general


Thyroid Cancer: A Guide for Patients

Editors: Douglas Van Nostrand MD, Gary Bloom and Leonard Wartofsky MD



The Complete Thyroid Book

BY Kenneth B. Ain MD and M. Sara Rosenthal, Ph.D.


The Thyroid Cancer Book

By M. Sara Rosenthal, Ph.D.

Dr. Rosenthal PhD, is a thyroid cancer survivor who grew up in Canada, and was treated for her own papillary disease in Toronto in 1983 when she was 20 years old. She writes “Among other thyroid sufferers we’re “unique” ... every thyroid cancer survivor I spoke to made a special point of discussing the psychosocial aspects of thyroid cancer, and how they’re typically ignored in most materials.”


The Thyroid Solution

By Ridha Arem, MD


Thyroid Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide to Clinical Management

Edited by Leonard Wartofsky and Douglas Van Nostrand


Management of Thyroid Cancer and Related Nodular Disease

By I. Ross McDougall

Patients' Memoirs


The Fault in Our Stars

By John Green

The story is narrated by a sixteen-year-old thyroid cancer patient named Hazel Grace Lancaster, who is forced by her parents to attend a support group, where she subsequently meets and falls in love with the seventeen-year-old Augustus Waters, an ex-basketball player and amputee. The book is based on real-life Esther Earl of Quincy, Massachusetts, who died of thyroid cancer at age 16. The book was subsequently made into a movie.


Lucky Dog – How Being a Veterinarian Saved My Life

By Dr. Sarah Boston

Dr. Boston's book is a great read – especially relatable to thyroid cancer survivors. As much as I found the intertwined stories about the dogs Sarah had treated as a veterinarian-oncologist compelling and indicative of her warm and caring nature, I read impatiently to get to the next part of her adventures as a thyroid cancer patient.  Her thyroid cancer patient story, told with an even balance of humour and indignation, has many aspects we can all relate to.


Would You Like Your Cancer? A Memoir

By Megan Alexandria Oates

Memoir of a 17 year old girl, recently graduated from high school, suddenly facing the shock of thyroid cancer. A detailed and honest look of the blur of activities, reactions and her own emotions in the short months following her diagnosis.

Books that support emotionally


Cancer is a Word, Not a Sentence: A Practical Guide to Help You Through the First Few Weeks

Dr. Robert Buckman

The late Dr. Robert Buckman was a medical oncologist at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto and a professor at the University of Toronto Department of Medicine.

Dr. Buckman demystifies cancer: “This book is, I hope... the first step-by-step ‘what-do-I-do-now’ practical guide specifically written to help you through those first few bewildering weeks and the various steps of diagnosis and treatment, and to provide simple, practical, everyday help in coping.”


Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips

By Kris Carr

If you’re ready for a lighter approach, this is the book to read. When Kris Carr, the author, found out she had cancer at age 31, she began writing about and filming her interactions with family, friends, doctors and others. Her first book is a collection of personal stories and useful resources.


Dancing in Limbo. Making Sense of Life after Cancer

By Glenna Halvorson-Boyd and Lisa K. Hunter

The authors of ‘Dancing in Limbo’ share their personal stories as cancer survivors and suggestions on how to move forward after the busyness of medical appointments and treatments stop.

Books about diet


The Low Iodine Diet Cookbook,

By Norene Gilletz

This book is now available in electronic format at iTunes. Link here, or for your Kindle here.