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Community Support


Patient Support – Community Support

Support in your Community

Many communities have organizations that offer in-person support groups to cancer patients, and can provide assistance and referrals to counselling and other local mental health supports.


Hope & Cope

Hope & Cope located in Montreal (QC) helps people cope with cancer. Guided by professional staff, cancer-experienced volunteers provide psychosocial support and practical resources that help patients regain a sense of control and well-being, reduce isolation and restore hope. Easily accessible and open to all, Hope & Cope is funded by the community and is located at the Jewish General Hospital’s Segal Cancer Centre and the JGH Hope & Cope Wellness Centre. Hope & Cope is offering in-person support sessions for thyroid cancer patients, at their support centre in Montreal. 


The Healing Journey Program

The Healing Journey is a progressive program for cancer patients who are interested in doing more to help themselves, in addition to conventional medical treatment. Sessions are held regularly, and the skills learned in the group are enhanced by practice at home between group meetings. The programs are offered in cancer care centres and much of the reading material can be downloaded.


Healing and Cancer

The Healing and Cancer Foundation helps people affected by cancer with a practical, integrated approach to their diagnosis. They offer life skills training and a unique perspective on mind, body and spirit that can transform the experience of illness into a journey toward wholeness.

They endorse 'integrated cancer care' which means getting the best of scientifically-proven medical care and combining it with wisdom-based healing practices. They focus on the many simple and effective things you can do for yourself every day to improve your health and overall well-being, and to live a life filled with love and purpose. Healing and Cancer offers Skills for Healing retreats in cities across Canada, and podcasts.


Inspire Health

Inspire Health is located in Vancouver and its services are covered by BC Medical. They have weekend programs, individual and group counselling sessions with doctors, ‘fireside chats’, and group meetings with cancer patients. They also provide Chinese medicine, acupuncture and massage. As well, the Inspire Health Integrated Cancer Care Guide is available in PDF on their website.


Young Adult Cancer Canada

Young Adult Cancer Canada aims to eliminate the isolation for young adults with cancer in Canada by providing inspiration, information and support.



Wellspring is a network of community-based support centres.  It offers programs for all cancer patients at all stages of the disease to meet the emotional, social, psychological and spiritual challenges of a cancer diagnosis. All programs are offered free of charge, and without referral. For example, they offer a Return to Work Program and gentle yoga classes.