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Stories of Strength

These are individual stories of thyroid cancer survivors. Each is unique and all are inspirational.


One day I was looking at my face in the mirror, and something caught my attention on the right side of my neck. I was surprised to see and feel a lump, I immediately want to see my family doctor. I walked in the clinic but she wasn’t in on that day. I requested to see another doctor, and he sent me for ultrasound. The result came back and I was ecstatic because he said there’s nothing to worry about.

He gave me another requisition to do another ultrasound after six months to see if the lump was growing. The result came back and again I was told the same thing. Though I was a little bit apprehensive because I was wondering how could an ultrasound alone can clear any health risk associated with my lump? But I pushed that thought aside and forget about it. 

After two years, I mentioned my lump to my family doctor and she sent me to go for a biopsy.

I was devastated to hear the word “cancer”. I was scared but the endocrinologist’s words gave me comfort and hope. I went on to have a surgery last month and everything went well.

I feel relieved to get over that and was hoping for good news that I am cancer-free. After three weeks, I went to see my surgeon, and he said cancer spread to my lymph nodes and referred me to another endocrinologist. We decided to do the Radioactive Iodine Ablation for further treatment.

I am hoping for the best in the future. I am grateful for my friends, doctors, and nurses who help me through my journey with cancer. I am currently studying full-time. Learning that you have cancer is not easy but I am also thankful that since my surgery I have not experienced any side effects of my medication. 

Stories of StrengthCindy Lee