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Support Overview

Receiving a thyroid cancer diagnosis can be frightening – but we're here to help! 

Patient Support Overview

Support for patients, survivors and their families

Receiving a thyroid cancer diagnosis can be frightening – but we're here to help! 

Become a member

When you join Thyroid Cancer Canada, you will receive an information package with publications and tools that will help you better understand thyroid cancer, what you might expect next, and what you can do to be an active partner in your medical care. These tools are also helpful for caregivers to better understand what their loved one is going through. Membership, and all of our publications, are free!

Stay up to date on thyroid cancer news and upcoming events

Join Thyroid Cancer Canada and we'll invite you to our free events. We'll let you know about other events in the community, new research findings, and TCC's organizational news. Our printed and online resources will let you know about our programs and you'll be able to read stories about others with a thyroid cancer experience.


Email and telephone support

You can contact us with questions about thyroid cancer by phone and email. Some of the topics that our staff and volunteers respond to are:

  • questions about thyroid cancer
  • information about how thyroid cancer is diagnosed
  • questions about what to expect when you have surgery (thyroidectomy or neck dissection)
  • questions about RAI treatment
  • questions about the low-iodine diet
  • and we can you to other sources of support & information if we can't help

We do our best to answer questions within 48 hours.


Phone: 416 487 8267