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  1. What criteria do you use in your practice, in making a recommendation to a patient towards a total thyroidectomy vs. a partial thyroidectomy?
  2. Why do some patients continue to have dysphasia (swallowing discomfort) and/or neck discomfort including tightness or breathing difficulty many months after their thyroidectomy surgery?
  3. Should central neck dissections be included with all thyroidectomy surgeries?
  4. What are the effects of a patient being obese or morbidly obese on thyroidectomy surgery?
  5. Can thyroid cancer cells `escape' from the aspirate sample during a Fine Needle Aspiration procedure and be deposited in surrounding tissue?
  6. Details about Lymph Nodes
  7. Is it okay for thyroid cancer patients to have their necks massaged either with or without known disease?
  8. After a person has had a thyroidectomy surgery, for what period of time should they refrain from doing heavy lifting? How much lifting is allowed?
  9. Can after-effects of surgery such as scar tissue, cause dizziness and/or difficulty swallowing? Can this effect be caused by enlarged lymph nodes?
  10. Is the healing process of scars following a thyroidectomy incision improved with the use of creams and/or lotions?
  11. Can One Improve Incision Healing?
  12. Under what circumstances is a drain required during and after a thyroidectomy surgery?
  13. What factors help a doctor and patient decide whether he/she should have thyroidectomy surgery in cases where the FNAB is inconclusive? How does one decide on a partial or total under such circumstances?
  14. Is there any data to suggest the predictability of FNAB in regards to thyroid cancer?

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